Is there a cost to register Own the Dream?

Own the Dream team registration and all events within the competition are free.

Are there a minimum number of events I must attend to be eligible for the prizes?

Yes, each member of your team must attend a minimum of two (2) competition eligible events, inclusive of either The Racehorse 101 OR Ascot Gallops for their team to be eligible to claim any prize, so choose your team wisely. We recommend recruiting team members who are available to attend most of the events to ensure you have the best chance of winning.

Am I eligible to register for Own the Dream 2022?

Own The Dream is all about introducing new people to racing.
A team of four, five or six may only consist of two (2) persons who currently own, or have owned a racehorse registered in the stable of an Australian trainer in the previous three years. Our team is happy to assist with any questions relating to the ownership status of your team members.

How can my team redeem the $1,500 Westspeed Platinum voucher?

So long your team members have attended at least two events each and three of you are present at the Grand Finale then you can redeem a $1,500 Westspeed Platinum voucher within 30 days of the Grand Finale date. Please note the voucher is only valid where a non-owner of your team forms part of the voucher.

Can I use my winning prize or Westspeed Platinum voucher on any horse?

No, all prizes offered in Own the Dream are to be used towards a Westspeed Platinum Breeder Nominated Yearling sold/or passed-in at the 2022 Magic Millions Perth Yearling Sale. Westspeed Platinum yearlings are identified as such in the sale catalogue. If in any doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the RWWA team for clarification.

Does our team keep any left-over money from the voucher if we do not spend it all?

No. Your team will only receive the amount you spend on an eligible yearling.

After the two years of training fees have stopped, what happens next?

If your team is lucky enough to win the first place prize, you will have all training fees paid for a two year period. Once this has completed, your team will have the option to continue payment for your horse, or sell your share at market value. RWWA will communicate to your team when the deadline is approaching to ensure your team has time to make a decision.

How many team members need to be present at the Grand Finale to win?

At least three members of your team regardless if it is a team of four or six must be present at the finale.

Why does our team need to submit in 100 words or less why they should be selected to take part in the competition?

This is due to the high volume of teams registering and RWWA will select eligible teams to participate upon receiving the registration. Remember the focus of our competition is to introduce new people to racehorse ownership and the better your submission, the greater chance of being approved to participate in the series.

How do I RSVP to each event?

You will receive an SMS reminder with a link to register your attendance prior to each competition event.

Is transport provided to the events?

Transport will be provided at two of the competition events. These are ‘The Racehorse 101‘ and ‘Race Day Challenge‘. All other events require your own transport to and from the event. Coaches will pick up entrants at the Leger (Gate 1) Carpark at Ascot Racecourse (access off Grandstand Rd) at the time stated on the event description.
Please ensure when self-driving to the events that you are aware of the event address and start time as we are unable to wait for late arrivals.

Is there parking provided at the events?

Yes, there is parking available at all locations. Our team will ensure you are provided with all the information prior to each event.

What can/can’t I bring to the events?

Please bring a positive attitude to all our events and we promise you will have a good time. We encourage you to wear a hat and sunscreen due to the hot weather in January and February. You may bring snacks to the events although please clean up after yourself. Unfortunately we do not allow entrants to bring non-registered guests.

Is water provided at events?

Water will be provided at all events. We encourage you to bring additional water for your own comfort due to the hot weather.

Is food provided at the events?

Food is provided at most events which will range from canapes and light refreshments to full lunches. Please check the event description prior to attending and ensure your team captain has completed your dietary requirements at the registration process.

Can we add extra team mates half way through the competition?

No extra team mates are permitted once registrations are closed at 12pm January 5, 2022.

My team mates can’t make the remainder of the events, can I join another team?

No you may not switch teams once registrations are closed at 12pm January 5, 2022. We strongly encourage you to join a team that can commit to attending the competition events.

What is the dress code to the events?

Smart casual. Please ensure you wear enclosed shoes at ALL events. No thongs are permitted at any of the events. We encourage teams to dress up for the Race Day Challenge at Pinjarra Park on Sunday 30 January, 2022.

I am late to RSVP, can I still attend the event?

Please contact the Own the Dream team to check if there are any spots remaining.

Are the events wheelchair accessible?

Yes all locations are wheelchair accessible. Please advise the team so they can provide assistance when required.

Are children allowed at the events?

The Own the Dream event series is strictly an 18+ competition. Unfortunately we are unable to accept children at any of the five events.