Is there a cost to register for Own The Dream?

Own The Dream team registration and all events within the competition are free.

How many members do I need to register a team?

You will need a minimum of four and a maximum of ten members. No more than 50% of your team can be current racehorse owners. Own The Dream is all about introducing new people to racing. Our team are happy to assist with any questions relating to ownership status you may have.

How many teams will be approved for the competition?

A maximum of 40 teams will be approved. The successful teams will need to confirm their spot in the competition.

What makes a good team submission?

Ensure your team meet the eligibility requirements and submit a strong 100 word or less submission. Remember, only 40 teams will be approved so make it count.

When do team registrations open for 2025?

This will likely commence in mid-November 2025.

How does our team win?

For each event you attend, will earn your team a token towards the major prize barrel. If you attend all four events, you would have contributed four tokens for your team. A team of 10 who attend all four events will have 40 tokens in the barrel. It all comes down to luck but you’ll put your team in the best chance of winning.

How do I collect this token?

Simply check-in at the start of each event for your attendance to be recorded. Look out for the Own The Dream staff at each event for assistance.

What commitment does my team need to make to win the major prizes?

You want to give your team the best chance of winning so if February is looking busy for you, it would be wise to inform your team captain.

Is transport provided to the events?

Coach transport is offered at some events. More information will be sent to teams prior to each event regarding transport arrangements.

The event says we can only catch the complimentary coach bus and not self-drive, can I still drive?

If an event is coach bus only, this is because of the venue and their capacity to handle an increase of vehicles. The safety of teams is paramount and we’ll do our absolute best to include multiple pick-up spots on route to assist those living in areas closer to the venues.

Can I bring my child to an event?

The Own The Dream event series is strictly an 18+ competition. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept children at any of the stable or stud farm tours.

Can I swap a team member half way through the competition?

While we will do our best to accommodate all requests before Event 1, we’re unable to change team members once the vetting and finalisation of teams has been conducted. Please ensure you have the best possible team beforehand.

Is food provided at the events?

Food is provided at all events which will range from canapes and light refreshments to full lunches. Please check the event description prior to attending and ensure your team captain has completed your dietary requirements at the registration process.

How does the Grand Finale work?

The barrel with all competition tokens will be placed on stage at the Magic Millions Sale Complex with first prize being drawn first, followed by second prize and then third. Once the three major prizes have been drawn, an additional five tokens will be drawn to award that team with a $2k consolation voucher.

What if our team is drawn twice? Do we keep both prizes?

Believe it or not, this has happened twice with the first-place prize. With many teams accumulating plenty of tokens due to their attendance across the series, it is no surprise that their team is drawn twice. Unfortunately for those lucky teams you cannot claim more than one prize, so a re-draw is conducted until a new team claims the prize. This is why we draw the major award first so any following draws for the same team will be a lesser amount.

What are the weekly challenges and are they included in the competition prize?

Own The Dream is not just about events! We also provide our teams with weekly challenges! These are sent to teams via SMS/EDM throughout the competition and the winners will enjoy additional prizes outside of the competition prizes if successful. These include ‘Name a Racehorse’, ‘Design Racing Colours’, ‘Pick 7 Magic Millions Race Day’, and ‘Tipping Competition.


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