The feelings you experience when watching your horse step out on the track on race day are truly unique. The mix of anticipation and exhilaration is a potent combination, one that is guaranteed to leave you with butterflies in your stomach and your fingers tightly crossed.

When the starting-gates crash open and the field jumps, the emotion moves up a gear and by the time your horse approaches the home turn and enters the straight, your heart will be pounding as loudly as the horses’ hooves thundering towards the finish line.

The world of thoroughbred racing offers its participants an unrivalled level of excitement and emotion. It has the power to reduce grown men to tears and stop a nation in its tracks.

No other sport offers such active participation or allows you to get as close to the action. From being involved in the initial selection process of your horse and watching them grow and develop throughout the training process, to giving them the final pat before the jockey is legged up and urging them on with every ounce of your body as they approach the winning post- the bond you develop with your horse is something special.

Nor does any other sport offer such a rich history or such an array of interesting characters. There is a magic about the thoroughbred that has captivated Kings and Queens, Prime Ministers and Arabian Sheikhs. But the appeal to this noble creature transcends social status, for the racehorse belongs to all of us and, anyone who wishes to, can become involved in the racing industry.

Everyday Australians from school teachers, nurses, tradies and chefs are entering the inner sanctums of horse racing to experience the buzz of the occasion, excitement of the competition and roar of the grandstand; in hope to find that next champion.

Now is the time for your team to experience the magic of racehorse ownership.